I pitched for the first time in my life!

Man i felt great! Didnt even know that I will pitch till 20 minutes before the game. I pitched 4 inings, noone had a hit vs me, I made 12 strike outs, walked 2, and one batter got hit by my pitch.

Its not that I was good, its just that they are just really bad, they are worst team in the leag by far (new team)!

Its funny how I was repeating in my head “throw a strike” so my pitching mechanics didnt look the same as when I practised. I used my hips to maximum, but then insted of rotating my shoulders I used my arm more (I tought I would get more control that way).

I threw only fastballs and few sinkers (that didnt sink much), I was hitting my spots (low outside, up and in).

I got a question, when I stride I go up then down and around towards the target (I looks something like Daisuke Matsuzaka), will I get anything if I go up, down, then straight forward towards the plate?

Since I throw only fastball, what should be my second pitch? Keep in mind that I have small hands (short fingers), I am small guy 5’9’’ (or 5’10’) 160lbs,and I am 24 years old. Could I throw knuckcurve with my short fingers?

Sorry for my hard-to-understand english!


Since you said you used more arm and less shoulder rotation, that tells me you need lots more practice to make your mechanics more repeatable and to build up your confidence. You should be able to trust your mechanics and let it rip. Using more arm only adds more wear and tear on it and it limits your velocity.

Regarding your knee motion, if it’s not causing you any problems (like posture andbalance problems) then I wouldn’t worry about it.

By the way, your English is good - stop apologizing for it. :smiley:

Im pretty sure your mechanics don’t look like Dice-K’s

Well, since my leg goes around towards the target, that means that my hips are reverse-rotatted more doesn’t it? I “spin out” towards the tagret, which could cause control problems (as some peopple from forum told me). Could “straight towards the target stride” give more control?

Congrats, that will get you another chance to pitch. Keep on your mechanics. Try working on a change up, that will be a vital pitch.

Sounds like a nice line. As long as you pitch well it doesn’t matter if the other team is bad. Like SchillingBeckett said, try and develop a change up. I’m not a big guy my-self (I’m about 5’9-5’10).