I pitch sidearm and very slow for my age

Hi, Im 14 years old 5’9 and weigh 150 lbs but I pitch only 57 mph and I think some of it has to do with my sidearm. How can I become more of a 3/4’s person. And how can I increase my velocity ALOT. I will send a video of me pitching if needed. Please help me out I’m desperate.

A video could be helpful if you have one. The general saying is the higher your arm slot, the more velocity but less movement. Don’t forget to put your subject in a category as well.

This is me pitching.

How do I get rid of my sidearm? Also I need help with mechanics. Please help in anyway possible thanks.

The first thing I would do is move your topic into video analysis that way people will see your topic more and you’ll be be able to get more advice and suggestions. When you don’t put a topic in a category, it won’t show in the main feed.

The problem is not your sidearm. My son’s friend pitches sidearm and has good velocity. The problem is that you are pitching in a vertical position, even leaning back, with no use of your body, no forward motion. You are basically throwing “all arm”. See screenshots below.

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@south_paw Are there some drills I can do to improve this?

High Level Throwing® - Arm Pathway Training by Austin Wasserman | C... and Google Pivot Pickoff Drill

There are so many drills out there, many useful, many not useful. Try these: Pitching Drills: Separating the Good From the Bad - stack Also look up the “Hershiser Drill”.

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You’re trying to accommodate a self taught process with a self imposed learning experience that just won’t work. I’m not trying to down grade your sincerity or your hard work - but, you seem to have no experience or awareness of what you’re doing right, how and what the fundamentals of pitching are, so anything that’s suggested here is going to be a real problem.

Please don’t not take my observations in a negative way. What you need is someone that can be right there with you to show you step by step the fundamentals of pitching - fundamentals of body setup/balances through your pitching cycle, and the finish of your pitching cycle.

You’re trying very hard to throw the ball hard, and therein is a health problem for your arm/shoulders and groin muscles

So here’s what I suggest, ask around for an adult baseball team in your area, or a college club and go to a game and approach one of the pitchers after the game and ask that pitcher to show you the fundamentals of pitching. Nothing fancy like tossing a curve ball and stuff, just the fundamentals from the windup. Most guys would be flattered to be asked to help a youngster. Just don’t spend a lot of time there, only about 20 minutes or so.

Then take some video and from there, post if here and we can refine what you’ve been shown. This way, at least, you’ll have a base to work from and a better understanding of why.

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@Coach_Baker Yesterday I purchased pitching 365.2 from yougopro baseball and I’ve been watching his mechanic videos.
Also I will be getting lessons from an Ex MLB player in 2 or so weeks once a week so he can modify my mechanics in real time.

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A word of advice - remember that your coaching in real time may be different from the video that you’ll be watching. So don’t bring up any differences between the two, if that’s the case, because your former MLB pitcher won’t appreciate it. In fact, I suggest that you leave the videos as the last thing that you’re involve with, that way you’ll have a quiet moment to compare the two… live coaching Vs video examples.

Now here’s the great thing about comparing training styles and pitching techniques - you’ll then have an excellent reason to ask better questions, reason out what works for you right now, and what doesn’t.

*** Remember with videos of instruction - they’re always dealing with a perfect world. Your world is different. Your different in age and physical maturity, playing surfaces that you have to deal with, and adult coaching that will vary greatly as time goes on. ****

Keep us posted on your progress and possibly we can enhance your baseball experience so you can get more out of it.

@Coach_Baker Is there any MLB player whos mechanics could be similar to mine that I could watch in slow motion?

Also do you know of anyone who used pitching 365.2 and got good results?

There are no MLB, Independent League pitchers that I have seen, in any capacity, that have your style and technique. I have been in the business end of this game for some time, and those that I have seen that come close to what you do are those that have injured themselves - thus requiring rehab.

I would suggest waiting for your personal coaching and don’t rush things.

No, I am not aware of the 365.2 program or product.

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@Coach_Baker How I can I throw from 3 quarters or above and not sidearm I feel like I could get more on the ball.

just ONE meeting with your pitching coach and come back here to show us your new mechanics. If you aren’t a completely different pitcher after that ONE session with him, find an other coach because what you do right now as nothing to do with pitching.
It’s ok to be in the unknown when you’re just starting out, like I said, when you’ll compare those 2 videos next time you’ll literally go AHH

@4pie Ok I will record my new mechanics soon.

But I have another question and that is how do you not throw sidearm? Ive never been able to throw overhand can you please help me out?

You’re not throwing sidearm now.

@Pitcher17 but you can literally see if you pause it my arm is just extended straight out which is sidearm right?

It is not about throwing sidearm, its about having the good arm action. Once you learn to pitch with the proper arm action, you can start playing with your arm angle.

Here’s a nice exemple of guys throwing completely overhand, 3/4, submarine and sidearm. Notice how they all throw the same, the difference is the TILT of their shoulders.

This right here, the angle the pitcher puts himself at release.
So to be completely honest, EVERYONE is somehow sidearm, they just tilt their shoulders.

Ok I just watched some videos on mechanics. So when I pitch. Where ever my leg goes in the leg lift my arms go in that direction too also I’m supposed to break thumbs down is that correct?