I need your help

I havent been able to throw above 60-65mph. Is there anything Im doing wrong mechanics wise that is holding me back from speeding up? If so what do I need to fix?


The foundation for your improvement centers around two things: (a) diet and (b) physical exercise.

Your overall physical posture, sends a signal to me that your physique is not ready to accept the demands and stress load of this postion (pitching). I would suggest a serious nutritional routine - daily, a physical workout combining exercises that fit your age group and your life style.

Now don’t go overboard here. Strength and conditioning should be your top priority. The ARTICLES section at the top of this web page will give you a good idea of where to start.

So, to answer your question directly - put some serious effort on getting physically stronger … and do so by selecting those exercises and diet routines that fit your overall age group and your life style.

Did I address your question?

Coach B.

You didn’t really tell us how old you are, it looks like you are about 13 or 14 right?