I need to increase my seperation

Hey guys,

I get really sore in the inner elbow/ upper part of my elbow on the ligament or tendon after i throw. I think it is because i need more seperation and use more of my body and not my arm. Can anyone give me drills or ways to increase the way i use my body to save my elbow?

You need to post a clip.

But if yu’re getting sore there that’s not a good thing. You should probably see a good sports doctor.

If you’re throwing what you say in your sig, you may just need rest or just better conditioning of your arm and body.

Another reason why it might be sore is I just gone taking off 7 weeks. So that is the first time I’ve thrown in 7 weeks I think that is a big reason why…

I just need help taking stress off my arm and using more body