I need to gain velocity

I made a bet with one one my friends that i can throw faster than him. We throw almost the exact same speed so what are the best stretches, excercises or techniques for me to throw faster?

If your main motivation is a bet, don’t waste your time. Velocity work is long hours my man, I spent hours upon hours throwing into a tennis court fence and thats just a part of it. [/img]

I agree with Sean. Velocity comes from long hours of hard work and dedication.
Its certainly not about betting your buddies who can throw faster.

Listen to these guys! I’m going to guess, based on velocity, that your somewhere between 10 and 15 yo. As a college pitcher the one thing I would suggest is focusing on developing a good change up. As you get bigger velo will come but a dirty change is hard to hit and it takes time to develop so focus on something like that as opposed to maxing out on the gun. A good change up should be atleast 7-10 mph (maybe even more) slower than your fastball and have some tail and drop to it aswell. If you can get it to bite your on the right track (I would suggest a three finger grip over something like a circle change, thats mostly just preference though)