I need to add a pitch to my arsenal

Okay, right now my pitches are:

  1. Knuckleball (it’s sick)
  2. Fastball (mid 70s)
  3. Apple Ball (just a variation of a splitter)
  4. Eephus (only once every other game)

So anyways My k-ball, fastball and apple ball have been getting outs alot but, then people start to get my pitching, like yesterday in practice , I was throwing to live batters and then I was getting people out and then halfay through my session people started pounding my pitches, my catcher said they were moving the same way, the eephus didn’t work either when I tried it.

So I throw from a low 3/4 angle and because of the knuckleball I sort of go with a somewhat shorter delivery to get the fingers to follow.

You can try to make your fastball move a little bit or add a change or even a breaking ball. I would start by just adding one more pitch and keep focusing on the ones you already have.

Well my fastball has a natural cut to it and it makes it tough to hit. I can change knuckleball speeds pretty good I just feel like I need a new pitch to help mix things up.

I found it, it’s a knuckle circle change-up! :slight_smile: If I grip a circle change and then I get the middle knuckle in it is effective.

you could try a Sinker,or a 2 Seamer.

for the sinker,im pretty sure you take a 2 seam grip and set your fingers closer together in the seams and thumb offset a littlebit.

down and in to righties is nasty,

Well I throw
4 seam fastball [70-74]
2 seam fastball [67-71]
slow curveball[50-55]
knuckle curve or spike curve[55-60]

any other suggestions?

^ Get a real good changeup.


I am a high school junior that has not made the team
(varsity or otherwise) on the account of my parents’ strict rules regarding sports and grades.

I throw:
a four seam fastball ( 73-77)
a splitter ( more later, 67-69)
a changeup (that needs work, 61-65)
and sometimes I’ll mix in a knuckle ball at different arm slots.

I am not particuarly over powering, and there aren’t many strikeouts, but I get quick outs and I always have low pitch counts ( around 15 pitches an inning) because I can throw all my pitches at at least two different angles. The only pitch opposing batters fear from me is my splitter. They always say that it moves more like a slider than a splitter, but I weigh the ball on either side of the seams with either my middle finger or my index finger. It dives out ( or in, depending on the batter)
before dropping. Give it try. I have not given up too many hits on it because it doesn’t give a normol movement.

I know this is long, but one more thing, don’t fall into a pattern, it is your worst enemy.

  Good Luck

thanks, but what do you mean by not falling in a pattern?

Don’t fall into a pattern by throwing the same pitch in the same arm slot to the same batter. Obviously, pitchers know to mix their pitches depending on what their opponent can hit. If youre going to throw the same pitches to the batter on his return to the plate, mix them up ( the order you use them ) and the armslot you throw them in. Throw a 3/4 fastball then a 4/4 changeup. Your only job as a pitcher is to upset the batters’ timing. I have found that making seem to throw a 4/4 fastball ( at the begining of my delivery) and then trhowing a 3/4 splitter will make them chase it in the dirt, having expected a fastball.

any questions ( I talk in circles sometimes) let me know.

   Good luck! :)

thanks i get what your saying now