I need the basic info on (coaching) our pitching staff

I have been doing a lot of study and reading and wanted someone to give me some good examples of what they did to start up their pitching staff for a new team. I have (2) 9 yr olds that have some experience since they moved up to minor league and did pitch some. I also had my son pitch some in a fall league. Cal ripkin league where they pitch from the stretch take leads and all… real baseball.
I am in need of how to start the rest of the pitching staff and what some good drills are for them. I also have 2 of the kids that have been working with another pitching coach.
We now have to mold them into the staff for our travel team. We are training on making sure to throw the ball hard and work on their control next.
please give me some help

Look under the advice I got would work with any age group. General pitching