I need some help with pitching

Hello, i would like some help with my pitching mechanics, i’m from Brazil and we don’t have a proper coach, so i’m uploading my video and asking for tips on where i can improve and asking if i’m doing something wrong.
(sorry if i made any spelling mistakes, and for the dark video)

Any chance to get filmed in the daylight?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8wE2pzmk90&feature=youtu.be, here is a video in the daylight.

Very good for not having a coach. One thing i see is it looks like your head is leaning left as you throw. Keep the head and body straight. You dont want your head and hands being further apart then they need to. Also this may be causing you to bring your body sideways when you complete the throw. You want that right leg to come down with authority and be in a better defensive posiiton.

Here is a video to watch. Please ignore the wind up part since he is doing it his way. But just wanted to point how his head is straight up through the pitch.

Thanks a lot for the advice, i’m gonna try and follow the tips you just gave me.

Two things stick out to me. You are a drop and drive pitcher. Meaning, as you start to accelerate your body forward, you bend your “push” leg too much and then drive outward. Don’t pause your knee at the top. Keep you push leg almost straight and think of pushing with your foot only (your calf muscle). The second thing is if you go back and watch the video, my belief is you are separating your hands too late and it’s causing you to have to rush for your arm to catch up to your lower half. Your hands should separate the same time your front leg begins forward movement. Fix those two things and your in business. The arm action seems fine. Good luck.

Thank you, im gonna try and improve on that and have it recorded.

Here’s a better clip of Drew’s mechanic