I need some help with arm health

Up to last year (my freshman year in high school), I had been a catcher all my life; when coaches saw that I was tall and had a good arm, they moved me to pitcher. I’ve been developing pretty well over the last year, but lately I’ve had some problems with arm strain/fatigue. I was wondering if anyone had some drills or stretches that you think would help. Granted, now that it’s getting warmer out I’ll start longtossing more, but I was curious to see some suggestions.



Before anyone can help you with this they need to know, very specifically, where you experience pain and/or fatigue. Location of discomfort will disclose what you are doing to cause the problem, then you have to eliminate the root cause. If the pain is structurally related you’re asking for big trouble.

Have you told your coach or trainer, or seen a medical professional about the problem? What do they say? How old are you? What is your current training regimen?

Arm pain isn’t something to fool around with.


Also make sure you see a qualified Instructor in your area. Being a catcher and switching to pitcher has its differences. I know many catcher’s who made the switch and were short-arming the ball, placing ball directly behind the ear simulating a throw to 2nd base like a catcher would, and it took a while to get rid of this habit.

Good luck! :lol:

By the way what is your pop time?

Great postings by both Coach45 and baseballbum.

If you have some video of you throwing from the mound, please post it. That way people of knowledge on this web site will be able to literally watch your mechanics and offer relevant information/suggestions.

If you have no video, have someone tape you from the front, back and “open” side and then post each. Since you’re already experiencing “arm strain/fatigue”, remember that you don’t need to throw hard or throw breaking balls. Just giving this forum a chance to watch your mechanics should go a long way toward helping you.

Also, be sure to answer the questions asked by Coach45. Your responses to each may be significant.

The first thing I’d look at are your mechanics.

If you pitch like a catcher throws (ala Mark Prior), then you are likely putting a lot of strain on your arm.

Do you bring the ball close to your ear when pitching?

Thanks for all your responses, guys.

I’ve been working with a pitching coach for a few months now, and he’s started with me on throwing 3/4… so no, surprisingly none of that behind the ear stuff.

Unfortunately, I dont have any recent pictures of me pitching, but my arm pain generally is in the elbow/mid bicep region. I don’t really mess around with breaking balls much yet (I’m just working on throwing strikes and developing my motion), so I think the problem is from the point in my delivery where i speed my arm up to deliver the ball to the plate.

BTW- my pop time was 3.8 :slight_smile: