I need some feedback

Here is a quick video of my 12 yr. old stepson who wants to become a pitcher. He has pitched a bit in the past year but wants to learn more. I have bought some videos and looked online and I would like some feedback from you guys on what he is doing wrong and how he can fix it. The video is in slo-mo and taken from several angles. Thanks.

When I try to run the video, it says the video is no longer available. When I click on the “Link”, it says the video is private. I think you need to do something to make the video available.

I fixed it and the video is now working properly.

I think all the bouncing he does is an attempt at generating momentum, I’d try to smooth that out (Will effect accuracy, just have him get the hips moving for momentum). I think his arm action needs a little work, try having him start on a knee and throw from the power position as he loosens up. 10-15, then stand from the power position throw another 10-15, back-up etc…it will help him understand trunk rotation. Getting him throwing the ball fundementally correct is where I’d go first, get that down and then re-check him. Don’t try to do too much at a time. Kiss principle. Keep him having fun…you too!