I need some advice guys

ok so im a right handed hitter and for the past two weeks i noticed that i drop my right arm or elbow when im hitting, this is making me pop up all the time and i dont know wut to do to keep it level. any advice would be appreciated.

Just keep your shoulders straight and swing level. The only reason why you are dropping your elbow, is because your body has gotten into the habit of doing that. If you have Hit-a-way, I suggest taking 50 swings a night until your problem is fixed.

If you have ever watched Jay Bruce of the Reds, when he steps into the box and gets set, he flicks his upper hand up in the air, this helps him to remember to keep his elbow up. Works for me too, my elbow always stays up…

Try to remember the shoulder to shoulder thing. this helps keeping the swing level. also check out beabetterhitter.com helped me out a ton. see the thing where it says 6 steps to a sweet swing and do those everyday.

Swing bat—Hit ball—Run Bases…stop thinking so much and go with your natural flow. If that doesn’t work, go to a hitting coach

Just do some teework as often as possible, that’ll help your swing itself. Then when you’re hitting just see the ball and hit the ball, you can’t think about your swing you have to get the muscle memory so that the only thing you need to decide is whether or not to swing. So that you can just see the pitch and your brain will trigger the swing action and you will hit the ball a lot more often.