I need medical attention!

im addicted to pitching

i havent thrown a ball in 3 days!!!

i promised myself i would take a break but its killing me watching vids of rodriguez throwing two seams

or hearing about hoffmans changeup


i have a problem and should seek medical help…!!!

what should i do

should i just go to the park and throw

or should i go to the park and work on mound mechanics

or should i chill


stay of drugs first:P!!
Go do something, set your mind on doing sumthing else.
or if u really that desperate, go buy xbox and baseball game ?

thats my remedy as shown above :slight_smile:

Buy a baseball game and make yourself on the game with all your pitches lol. Then you should be fine.

I do that too :shock:

that’s too funny, man. Way to go.

i think i need help to… not playing baseball for a week gets me depressed lol :wink:

play summer ball and get some reps in.


you guys are funny
heres to answer all your suggestions

  1. I have MLB 2k7 for xbox 360 and i play every night
  2. I am on 2 baseball teams Texan.
  3. I am not on any drugs :stuck_out_tongue:

I do the same thing, put myself in 2k7. Rawtalent, do you play on xbox live? 2k7 multiplayer is fun

haha, u guys ever get laid :P?

Lmao baseball’s a lifestyle Rodriguez

I do that too, pitched a full season with my guy and racked up 412K’s in 268 innings. Fun game

I know its a life style, and im living it to

But baseball is not youre whole life.
baseball as in sport
not in games
if u only do baseball Reallife or virtual, dude thats just wrong lol
there are other things;)

try combining them lol

I still have problems with it.
my girlfriend can make me so ubset i throw like 1+3mph faster in next day game(and more wilder), tho it makes u stronger mentually:)