I need help!

I am a left handed pitcher my high school team is in first place in the conference and we are more then likely going to go to state this year and I’m the ace pitcher my shoulder is in pain. I mean it hurts for like 2 or 3 days after I pitch. I ice and then go in the hot tub and then ice again, it tends to heal faster that way. But my shoulder has never been like this before. I usually could throw the next day and it wouldn’t hurt I mean I don’t pitch I pitch like every 4 days or more. But its been taking 4 days to heal each time what can I do to help heal it fast and quick I haven’t lost any speed if anything I’m gaining its just I don’t want to ruin my shoulder cause I plan to go far as a baseball career. Well if you can help me out let me know.

Doctor. Now. :?

Pain should not be ignored, especially when it is lasting for 3 days. Nobody on the forum is going to be able to diagnose you correctly. And most importantly: Do not put your arm in jeopardy just for state championships. If the doctor says you are done for the season, listen to him.

no I went to the doctor he has told me I just had a slight strain on a muscle in your rotor cuff. He told me it’ll be fine I had an MRI and everything I just was wondering if anybody could tell me how to get my shoulder back in shape quickly and fast. Cause its just weak right now and the doctor says I need to just get it back in shape so what can you guys tell me. I pitched last tuesday against the team ranked 8th in state and threw 5 scoreless innings then we had 3 errors giving up 2 unearned runs then the coach pulled me. So I’m not pitching bad I just was wondering if you could give me some some light exercises for my shoulder? to build it back up?

Two things that come to mind would be rotator cuff exercises with 5lb dumbells and therabands.

Mr. Ellis has them shown on his site here: http://www.thecompletepitcher.com/pitching_workouts.htm

Hope that helps, if it’s hurting doing the exercises don’t think no pain no gain, cause it is definately not what you will want to do. Take it easy, on the exercises. An advantage to the therabands if you can get them is that you can adjust resistance to what you need, by moving farther away, or getting closer.

Hopefully you can put some of those exercises to good use.

Good luck on the bump.

Do you have any video of yourself throwing?

If I had to guess, I’d say that you take your elbows above and behind your shoulders as you turn your pitching arm side forearm over.

Thanks for all your help. I am now back to 100 percent. My arm has never been better. I went back to the doctor he told me he couldn’t believe how well I have healed. Alls it was he said was a slight strain in a muscle in my rotar cuff. I have never been throwing the ball as well as I am right now. I can put the ball whereever I want right now with all my three main pitches. (curve fastball and change up) I’m working on a fourth pitch just to fool around with either a slider or a slitter. Thanks for all the exercises.

hey, i have the same problem, i too was the ace of my staff, nd like you,i strained my rotator cuff, and I was wondering wat u did to make it better, nd how long it took?

I had a problem on the rotator cuff a couple of weeks ago.
I think I injured it because I was elevating my pitching arm elbow above the shoulder on the high-cocked position.

The pain lasted for a week or so, on the first days it was really really hurting. I don’t think it was anything major, because of the recovery time.
I think that rotator cuff injuries, when they are serious, they might take you out for months.
I just iced my shoulder every day until the soreness was gone. Then played some catch and did some long toss. Now I’m 100%, maybe even 150% :stuck_out_tongue: