I need help

Hi my name is Andrew and I am a LHP. I am just finishing up my freshman year in college and didnt really get to play baseball at my school because they dont offer it anymore. Just today I got transferred to go to a branch campus that has a baseball team. I was told if I worked very hard I could be very good because I have a strong arm.
When I was in HS, my accuracy was off a bit. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on making my accuracy better, helping my velocity and what to eat and what to lift.

first off for your accuracy go in front of a mirror and go through your mechanics this is a good way to see what you look like when you pitch, second if your unsure what your doing wrong video tape yourself and find someone thats knowledgable about pitching and have them break it down for you. theres no better way to fix your mechanics than actualy seeing what your doing yourself. As for lifting and eating what are your stats like height weight??