I need help!!!

Ok so am 15 i am about 6’1 and 165 and am not the slimmest kid in town
This year my fastball reached about 68 mph
so i am more of a strike throwing machine and can hit my spots and i dont get a lot of Ks but i do alright because i dont leave the ball high in the zone a lot.

but this year i was our JV #1 pitcher and the Varsity’s 4 or 5 pitcher
and i need to increase my velocity
my curve is great it is not a 12-6 more like a 1-7 and my change has a lot of speed differential

and i was wondering i the Tuff Cuff manual would help me.

i also play basketball and would it still give me strength that would help me on the court even though it is specialized for pitching??

also does Tuff Cuff work?

Tuff Cuff is horrible it has nothing to do with pitching and won’t help you throw faster.

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if it really works what could i expect

You can expect to gain velocity. It’s a great workout. If you want a complete workout book that entire book will establish the “workout” part of a pitcher.

You also will need to focus on mechanics for velocity and to stay injury free.

And to be a good pitcher you will need to work on control, and execution of pitches.