I NEED HELP............

ok, i have a pretty good body, but our jv/varsity tryouts are a little over seven weeks away and i would like to add more muscle, so what i would like to know is what can i eat that will help build muscle and lose some body fat.
I lift weights at home, so i have that covered, but the main thing i want to know is what would help me build more muscle and lose fat so i can add a few mph’s to my Fastball, in the low 70’s.(protein, carbs, cal’s i dont know much about that nutrient stuff so help will be appreciated.)

Whey protein and creatine. Do it to it


Hey Too Mutch, let me tell you what is working for me.

Drink one whey protein shake a day, right (this is extremely important) after your workout, within 30 minutes.

Make sure you eat at least 6 meals a day, and you should probably start counting calories. I’m 159 lbs now and I eat around 4,000 calories a day. Subtract a few hundred calories from that if you are lighter. Everything that goes into your body should have a purpose, don’t just eat calories for the sake of calories.

Here, check out some articles by John Berardi:


O, and get at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight. Meaning I take in 159 grams of protein a day at least.

CF has more knowledge about this than I do.

where do i get the whey protein and creatine; internet, store?

6 lb bag 100% whey at sam’s club. 25$, 3 months worth

how much as this helped you?
or anyone else who’s done it

it has helped me, and just about every bodybuilder in existence uses it. Not that your goal should be to be a bodybuilder, but if you want to gain muscle some of your goals are the same.

I just got two jugs today of whey protein complex…i’ll tell you in a few weeks/months about my results. 8)