I need help.....

I’m fifteen, almost sixteen and i reeeeeeeeeeeeally want to get my velocity up. Last year (14 just turned 15 in about late may early june) i was hurt and i was in the low sixties after not throwing at all most of the season (injury).

So, i want to know the whole nine, diet, seperate workouts to get my velocity up, anything else would be great also.

Thanks 8)

as far as diet and workouts go, eat protien, and work on your legs. You get most of your velocity from your legs. Run alot and squatting is great too.

Another thing that would make your fastball look faster, is to have a great changeup or another off speed pitch. But velocity is a little over- rated. Work on your control. If you can hit your spots, it is almost impossible to get hit hard. Also, you need to understand what kind of pitcher you are. You can’t try to overpower hitters. The best thing for you to do is try to get hitters out in 1-2 pitches. That way they can’t get good timing on your pitches.

Like bosox said squats are good so is the leg press machine. As for arm strength use the thrower’s ten program. It worked for me.

I agree with Bosox that velocity—or speed, whatever you want to call it—is overrated. There are plenty of pitchers around who, no matter what they do, will never be able to throw 100 miles an hour or what have you.
So—you could become a finesse pitcher, develop a good arsenal of breaking stuff, three or four such pitches, and work like mad on control, placement, keeping the batters off balance. And you’ll find that even an 81-mile-an-hour fast ball will look as if it were coming in there at 100 miles an hour.
I remember my pitching coach telling me once that he threw a so-called fast ball at 85, 86, and to the batter it looked as if it were coming in there at 106, because of how he set up his pitches. I myself managed to find an 81-mile-an-hour fast ball, and he told me that I could use that, along with my other stuff, to set batters up for old Filthy McNasty—the devastating slider that was my strikeout pitch. So don’t worry about the speed. Concentrate on control, on working to the corners, on getting the ball smack-dab into the pocket of the catcher’s mitt, and you’ll come out all right.

Yeah, it also helps to hit a batter once in a while. It’s like Nolan Ryan said “It helps if the batter thinks your a little crazy.” Haha just a thought.