I need help

Hi i need help with my 2-seam fb it wont move why is tht?

Your sig says you throw the two-seam at 50mph. At that velocity I don’t know if you’re going to get a lot of movement on fastballs.

But as a quick answer, you can try to lay your fingers along the seams where they’re closest together and put most of the grip between the thumb and index finger.

You can also try a splitter instead, fingers more spread out. You still throw it hard and it can get the same down/in movement.

Brandon, the splitter is a good idea. As you may know, it’s a first cousin to the forkball, but it’sasier to throw because you don’t use the extreme grip of the forkball—you grip it as for a two-seamer but with the index and middle fingers just off the seams, maybe a little wider—not much—and you throw it the way you would a fast ball. You can try that, and you should be able to get it to move more. 8)

Brandon your info says:

Knuckle curve learning…
Curve-IDk speed yet[/quote]

A fb at 60-65 should have no real speed difference vs a 2 seamer. At 50 mph that is a style of changeup, your 2 seamer shouldn’t be any different speed to the 4 seam fb and then because of the grip and the speed you will get movement.

brandon i think the 2 seam is a great pitch. my son throws it at 58 mph at 50 ft and get tons of movement very late. if your coming off the bottom like your 4seam your probably not going to get alot of movement. my son throws his from a litlle lower arm slot and pronates his thumb toward the center of his body and down.he doesnt snap it or twist it its more of a natural movement when your throwing from a lower arm slot your hand “naturally”" comes across the ball as opposed to str of the bottom there are a few good post on youtube that we used when learning that pitch the ones that talk about pronation are the ones you want to watch.he picked that pitch up unbelievable fast and its quite effective to younger hitters thrown from the center of the plate in on a righty to get them to hit off the handle or miss it completely. or thrown for what appears to be an outside ball and breaks back in for a outside strike on the corner.

Ok Thanks ill Try that tommow how old is your son im 13 and this is my 3rd year of baseball thanks alot:)