I need help to figure out what this pain is


So I have had this pain for about a week and I feel it between my medial epicondyle and my elbow. I know that’s in the area of tommy John. But it’s weird because I can go out and throw as hard as I can and it won’t hurt. But when I put my elbow at a 90 degree angle and push my elbow forward I feel a slight pain. I’m just confused on how it isn’t hurting when I throw… any ideas what it could be??


Sounds like classic tendinitis to me.


Went to the chiropractor today and it turns out it is tendinitis.


Why go to a chiropractor for an elbow issue?




Don’t take tendinitis lightly. It can take a turn for the worse. It ended my career and hell, I was a catcher. Rest it longer than the real doctor’s tell you and for some reason, lifting helped my case. Shark cartilage helped as well.


I already had a appointment there before I put this up. I just asked him when I was there.


I would get a second opinion from someone who knows about elbow injuries, like an orthopedic surgeon trained in sports medicine.