I need help/suggestions/adjustments!

here’s my 3 day cycle. tell me what ya think
mon-sat, sun off

long toss (4,5,6oz ball from 120 ft)
lower body
flush run

tues, fri
long toss
lift upper 3x10
flush run

wed, sat
bullpen 40 pitches
med ball throws
agility ladder

upper workout 3x10

free weight rows
pull ups (wide and regular grip)
pushups to failure
bicep curls
tricep pushdowns
front and side shoulder raise (2x14)
pushups to failure
forearm curls
skull crushers
bicep burnouts

lower workout

squats (3x8)
power cleans (3x6)
single leg squats (bodyweight)
weighted lunges (2x20)
box jumps (10 on 24 inch, 10 on 30 inch)
single leg weighted squats (2x7)

hey dude whats up.

I like your lower body exercises a lot dude. You should really be careful about the clean though. Unless you know proper technique and was taught by a personal trainer i would not do it. That is what someone told me anyways.

I do the same as you for lower body:

I do single leg squats(AWESOME). FOr the people who don’t like putting the bar over you head. What i do is, i just put one leg on my bench press and it stabalizes me. So ya i really feel the burn as well.

I would suggest doing the deadlift as well dude.

You should also have some plyometric exercises as well to be explosive off of the mound.
The box jumps will really help but you should have a few more.

But ya their are a few things you can switch but ya i am sure other people will comment to and give you more comments.

can u explain some of these workouts 4 me?