I need help now!

Im a 5-10, 175lb pitcher and im a freshman. Last year i was plagued with tendinitis in my right elbow, my throwing arm. Im a SP but i also do the closing job. I used to be able to throw 70-75 but it decreased to 65-70 which i think is a big difference. I have a 4 seam, 2 seam, slider, change-up, curveball and a palmball and i know i am putting stress on my elbow by throwing these pitches and by the way i pitch way sidearm in the stretch. Any helpful tips to gain strength back in to my elbow. it is fine now but i cant get the velocity back up.


Do you do inseason workout with tubing. Im guessing not and you haven’t ever conditioned your shoulder to pitch long into the season.

You can’t just stay fit by playing the game you need some type of tubing program to be strong at the end of the season. If you start to use tubing im guessing your velocity will come back.

thnx ill try tubing.

do you need a tubing program or do you know how to use the tubing the right way.

i need one

on game day when you pitch you want to do tubing before you pick up a ball and start to light throw

External Rotation
Internal Rotation
90* External Rotation
90* Internal Rotation

before game 1 set 10-15 reps when you feel a little burn stop and you are ready

After game do the same exercises 15 reps


hes right about the tubing program its not only good for working your arms its good for your flexibility you should also try a long toss program

now i don’t think inseason long toss is any good and the reasons are that You can maintain strength through tubing and throwing off a mound more with good mechaincs.

When you are in season it’s all about pitching to hitters and hitting the glove and being effective at pitching down hill

yes your right about that but hes wanting to get his velocity back and a consistant long toss program could do that along with a good in season weight program, but you are right about that maintaing strength with bull-pen