I need help baaaad

I’m fifteen, almost sixteen and i reeeeeeeeeeeeally want to get my velocity up. Last year (14 just turned 15 in about late may early june) i was hurt and i was in the low sixties after not throwing at all most of the season (injury). I bet i’m in the low 70’s right now but i’m one of the biggest (not by fat) guys on the team, and there are little puny guys throwing harder than me…i need help.

So, i want to know the whole nine, diet, seperate workouts to get my velocity up, anything else would be great also, I’d really appreciate it.

im willing to bet a million bucks your mechanics are holding you back. Post a video.

i can’t, my video camera is old school, at least i don’t think i can…

From my personal experience and studies of pitching the best way to
increase velocity is by going from external to internal rotation (e-i) as
quickly as possible. Look at the clips of Clemans from this site. His arm
does not really move fast until he hits the high cocked position. Then
he goes (e-i) very quickly. Now, using hip rotation, core muscles, weight
shift will all aid(e-i). But if you want to throw faster, you need to go (e-i)

I can’t really help you then…even a poor video is better than nothing. You could borrow your friend’s camera for a day or two if that’s a possibility. All I know is you will not get any specific mechanical advice (which I’m sure you could use, everyone can :)) unless you figure out how to upload a video. Should be one of your top priorities if you want to fix your mechanics and not hurt yourself this season.