I NEED an opinion on a glove!

Hey guys i really REALLY need an opinion on a glove ZETT Glove.

im an infielder and a pitcher i was 1st starter in high school this year next year might be different.

Does it matter if i buy an outfielding Glove to pitch ? i really need help cuz i LOVE THIS GLOVE!


This is a pitcher/infielder glove


This is the best infielder glove


HELP would it make a difference in pitching

cuz the infielders glove is 11 1/2
outfielders 12 1/2
pitcher/infielders glove is 12

very confusing i need opinions

get the 12". extremely versatile. plus it looks pretty nice too.

I would get the 12 1/2 because it can serve as a great utility glove, I pitch, play first, and outfield I personally prefer the 12 1/2. BTW, aren’t outfielder’s gloves like 12 3/4 or 13?

That first glove is the ugliest glove I have ever seen in my entire life. Ew.
BTW, zett gloves are made for hard rubber balls, not baseballs

atleast there top end models are. Why would you want an outfielders glove for infield? think about it… and if your really worried about the colors order a SSK from custom glove.

go to customgloves.com good site

Well, call me an idiot, but I baught at Wal-Mart 4 $18 and it’s perfect. Its durible enough 2 last more then a year or 2, and its a 12 in, So basically, I would just pick a cheap 1, but I dont hav a good income, so thats just my opinion.

Your not an idiot. Mariano Rivera grew up using a milk carton as a glove and a stick for a bat. It’s often said that he grew up throwing rocks in Panama but I’m sure he had a baseball but probably not any better than a cheap $1 baseball you can get at walmart. I bet he would have been happy to at least have 1 of those.

Depending on your high school’s leagues rules you might have trouble with the first one being two toned and one of the tones being white id go with the second one if i was going to get a zett

If you ever hope to pitch with the glove here is the rule for high school ball;

OBR 1.15(a) The pitcher’s glove shall be uniform in color, including all stitching, lacing and webbing. The pitcher’s glove may not be white or gray.

This is the same for OBR and FED