I need advice!

I’m 13, new and I want to pitch. I pitch to a tent thingy in my backyard and can throw a 4-seam, 2-seam and am trying a curve. What pitches do you suggest I learn and any advice for me?

u shud learn a changeup
its a really good pitch to have

Start off with a fastball and change up and learn to throw strikes with it. Once you can command your fastball and change youll be in good shape. Youll be ok to lay off the curve for awhile. I didnt learn my curve til about 15 and its nowhere near perfect. I just wish i woulda learned a changeup earlier. Im just 17 and am barely getting the hang of it. Just work on fastball change up. try throwing fastball then changeup fastball then changeup. But throw your changeup like its a fastball. You get the movement and the lower speed from the grip. Work on getting comfortable with the grip. Nothing like making someone look fooled on a strike 3 changeup. :wink:

What kind of change up do you recommend like circle, 3 finger, etc.

Experiment with them all and see which works best for you.

If posible get somebody to catch 4 you instead of pitching into a tent. I have found it helps more in game situations

Yeah try out the grips hold in you hands while your watchin baseball and see which one is more comfortable for you. I dont have big hands more average size and i like the circle change. but im still messing around with different grips to find the right one. its gona take lots of practice.