I need a workout plan

I am 13 years old & I am looking for a workout plan. I know some peole think that it stunts your growth but it doesnt. Ok so this is what I am thinking.

Mon- push ups, sit ups, curls, dumbell press
Tues- squats, lunges, leg press
Wed- Mon
Thurs- Tues
Fri- Mon
Sat- Tues
Sun- jog .7mi., sprints, form run (high knees, but kicks, extensions, stiff leg, explosions)

But the thing is that i am playing fall ball so it will feel weird throwing a ball on a sun for a double header so thats why i dont wanna workout

You need one or two rest days in there. If you work out without rest you will shock your CNS (central nervous system) and the muscle gains will slow down, then stop. It would probably be sufficient to go 5on/2off. Also, you should add some core work to your routine, as well as some deadlifts. Check this subforum, there are tons of different workouts posted in here.