I need a velocity opinion

Ok guys, do me a favor. Here

is a video of me throwing one pitch. Based solely on what you see and your “gut feeling,” what do you think the velocity is?

I’m not looking for mechanical analysis, I know there’s stuff I need to work on. I’m just curious as to how hard you all think that pitch is.

(In case you’re wondering, I have no idea how hard it is, I’m just trying, somehow, to get a gauge on a velocity range for myself. Thanks a lot.)

umm im not too sure how hard you’re throwing, but theres a formula you can use to find it…all you need is a stopwatch…

The complete process starts with establishing a Rate Factor.

convert miles per HOUR into miles per SECONDS:
60 minutes in an hour times 60 seconds = 3600 seconds
feet per mile = 5280 feet per mile
3600/5280 = 0.6818
the distance from mound to the plate – 60.5’
now take a stopwatch and time the pitch,
oh say …… 0.48 seconds
now calculate:
60.5’/0.48 = 126.04
126.04 X .06818 = 86MPH (rounded off)


I googled radar guns and somehow got this. Donno how accurate it is but its like $40 or something. Its a multipurpose thing but it seems like it would be accurate.

Gut feeling is mid 70’s, but Idk, get clocked for real

im gonna guess low 80’s

im thinkin around the high 70’s

Around 80…

It’s hard to tell. If you slow the video down to frame by frame you can probably get a sense of how fast it is but I have no idea how to do that and calculate that. That’s your best bet, or finding someone with a radar gun.

Id say mybe 76-80

id say mid 70s theres a few things i saw you can do to get a little more
ill give you one of them, looks to me like your not using your lead arm at all. using this will speed you throwing arm up