I need a QUALITY ball

I’m willing to pay many prices, but the cheapness of these balls are RIDICULOUS. I went to hit some grounders and flies with sports store chain standard and they dented soooo easily. The little league balls are more durable! Where can i order a ball that can take hitting AND pitching? Me and a friend have gone through too many balls.

this is just a site. but these are great balls. and they are made for practice. these arent game balls. but these are like the top of the line balls. by rawlings. they are great.

34.99 for a dozen


thanks…gosh thats expensive, but i guess im paying for durability.

i know the prices are insane. they are just baseballs.

tip: dont lose them. its like losing 3.00

Why not just get a supply of official major league baseballs? They last a long time.

I’m a big fan of Diamond baseballs. The pros use Rawlings, of course, but Diamond has got the best seams in the game!

I was a pitcher as well as a first baseman all the way through high school and I absolutely loved pitching Diamond baseballs. You are right. The seams are raised really high and that was perfect for my curves.

i like the rawlings etc a little better, the diamond balls I sometimes get a little sore on the fingers since when I throw the 2 seamer I really pull down on the ball to get loads of movement.

ive never had any expierance with diamond baseballs. i love raised seams. works great for y 2 seamer. i gotta buy some of those

dice k said the raised seams in america made him want to learn the 2 seam.

I would have to agree with Mr. Ellis. Diamond is a wonderful brand

I also agree the Diamond balls are nice. If you like the raised seems, Wilson also makes some nice balls.