I need a Pitching Coach!

I have a 10 year old left hander that needs some pitching help. He has one more year untill pitching league. But I would like to get a jumpstart on this. We are in the South Georgia But I am willing to drive pretty much anywhere is Georgia or North Florida. I have not pitched in over 20 years and just do not remember enough to do any good. We live in a major Baseball town but I have not been impressed with the pitching here its all about speed and not about controll . Catchers win and lose more games here than any other player due to balls thrown in the dirt. My older son is in middle school and his team has lost so many games with their star pitcher throwing rally hard fastballs in the dirt and the catcher unable to stop them.

Please email me at james@tech12volts.com if you know someone or somehere I can go to get my son some pitching help. ALL I have been doing is working on form and just throwing strikes.

If you are close enough to Jacksonville…I highly recommend this place as it teaches fundementals on up. My kid (HS Senior) goes there regularly.

[quote=“jdfromfla”]If you are close enough to Jacksonville…I highly recommend this place as it teaches fundementals on up. My kid (HS Senior) goes there regularly.

Perfect I am very close to Jacksonville and this is perfect. Thank you .

You won’t be sorry.

If you don’t mind, I’d also like to recommend a slightly different pathway that you may have not considered. As you are close, you may instead of doing Travel Ball over the summer, consider going to the summer camps that Dusty Rhodes offers at the University of North Florida. I used to send my son there for the 3 weeks they offer for under 14 yr old kids. It’s less cost wise than day care, they learn fundementals, get more than plenty of game time and it’s more geared toward learning and having fun with baseball, they use all of the Universities facilities (Including the olympic pool) get to hang with college players, coaches and pro’s on occasion. The benefits are that he has always been very comfortable with high level players, his fundementals were reinforced and built on and when appropriate he learned proper mechanics, strategies and arm health from a D-1 pitching coach (Who isn’t there for the money I assure you…he cares and teaches the real stuff). He also got his swing down. Learned the mechanics of fielding (Priceless through all his ball playing).
We’ve never dealt with baseball burnout…he’s been very healthy and at every level he’s competed at the highest levels, he understands baseball conditioning and is very well versed…I attribute a significant portion to these camps.
Just a thought…you can still travel in the fall if it’s what you think you need…but give this a minutes consideration it may be something that could be a big help.

We will not play travel ball this summer. For several reasons . But I will give you the main reason and this is going to make some Parents mad.

We have two seniors on out High Scholl team that have been offered free rides to colleges . They are talented guys . One is a Pitcher that throws 92 mph fastballs and has a few other pitches that are unreal. Neither will go to college on a Scholarship. NEITHER. BOTH TURNED THEM DOWN.

Guess why. Because since the age of 7 they have both played all-stars , summer travel ball, fall ball and several other travel teams. They are tired of being told they have to play baseball. If the guys that make millions a year playing baseball take part of the year off shouldn’t our kids take some time off also. I asked my boys do you want to go to a camp this summer for baseball or play travel ball and both will get lots of invites. Both said they do not want to play summer ball. Especially that one that plays catcher. LOL The heat. I will look into this fla thing closer.

You won’t ne sorry! :wink:
Dusty believes ya gotta have fun…and he doesn’t train ball players he raises young men!