I Need A New Pitch

I need a new pitch because im inconsistent with my change up. I will still use it but i need a new pitch. I have a great arm. Im 14. Here are a list of my pitches:
4 Seam Fastball
2 Seam
Change up

Whats a good pitch that compliments what I already have and how do you thow it? Also, any help with my changeup would be cool too.

You don’t really need another full time pitch. A cutter is always an option its not very hard to throw. I would work on the change though its going to get some guys out if you can master it. Look around for some change-up threads go through the first 4 pages here it will take a min. and you can get some instant answers on how some guys throw their change-up. You don’t need another pitch.

I have a good change up grip my pitching coach toght me, its just that when i throw it with the same arm speed as my fastball its almost the same speed as my fastball. I keep it lose in my hand and everything but i just cant get it.

“age required” slider

slip pitch is easy to learn

splitter - depends hand size


whats a slip pitch? how do u throw it? what does it do?

Well the slider wouldn’t be a good one if you already have a curve. Splitter ey, maybe. If you have a good 2-seam with good horizontal movement go with the cutter. You would have 2 pitches, one that is a fastball and bites one way and another fastball that bites the other way. You could get a lot of ground outs. Then you could say right handed batter you throw him your cutter inside for a called strike or a foul off or whatever. Then throw him a two-seam inside that bites back into his hands. You could really keep a hitter guessing which way your plain old fastball is going to go.

correct me if im wrong but, with the cutter, you hold it like a fastball but more twoards the horseshoe ( if that makes any sense) but do u supinate or do you just throw it?

Any chance you could get into the chatroom I could help you easier there.

[quote]whats a slip pitch? how do u throw it? what does it do?[/quote]\

take the knuckleball grip(three or two fingers)
throw it like a slider

thats pretty much it

i found that using the finger nail tip
instead of the whole nail works good

here is the article/post

yea sure what chat room?

Hmm that slip pitch sounds cool. Ill give that a try