I need a 3rd pitch DESPERATE

I have a fastball (4 and cut) and an above average curveball. I’ve been working on a change up but have gotten absolutely nowhere.

Any tips on it or another pitch?

Some pitchers have a much better time using the split-finger fastball as their change-up, instead of the usual change-up grips.

The thing about standard change-up grips is, to take off the right amount of velocity (and also get a little movement at the same time) the usual suggestion is to throw those pitches with a considerable amount of pre-set pronation. If you look at good pitchers throwing a circle-change, in photos that are captured close to the release point it usually looks like the circle is pointed at the target. Lots of guys have trouble pronating the change-up enough to make it a good one.

The splitter is released palm-forward, like any other fastball, but your index and middle fingers are of course not directly behind the ball so that’s why it has change-up velocity. Low rotation rates and lower velocity also lead to the excellent sinking action on a good splitter.

I second the splitter recommendation. Make sure the thumb is centered under the “V” formed by the index and middle fingers.

Another thing you need to be aware of - while the change-up grip is important - another important thing for both a good changeup and good splitty is finishing your pitch. Sometimes - you are trying so hard to take velocity off your changeup or to get movement you either slow your delivery down or stop your delivery before you normally would when you throw a fastball.

Remember - The change in velo comes from where your fingers (index and middle fingers for a circle change) are on the ball. Movement also comes from how much you pronate your changeup. The more you pronate - the more lateral movement you have - the less you pronate - the more depth (vertical movement) you have. I find I get in trouble with my changeup when I pronate - so I don’t pronate a whole bunch - instead I have pretty good downward movment and velo difference - it has taken me about 2 years to get comfortable throwing this pitch.

For me this pitch isn’t a strike out pitch it is a contact pitch where hopefully the batter will rollover the top of the ball and put it into play for a ground out. I also only throw this pitch to the 3, 4 or 5 hitters - these guys are pretty aggressive and will swing at the pitch. Other batters for the most part don’t swing at this pitch.

To improve you change-up or spltty I suggest the following 1- during your pens - I suggest throwing a fastball and then throwing your offspeed pitch and then throwing another fastball - but concentrate on having the same delivery speed, same arm motion, and same finish for all your pitches (change-up, curve-ball, fastball, splitty, etc.) . Most of the time for guys trying to learn a pitch they try to do too much with their body instead of just relying on how you place your fingers on the ball. 2 - Do some long-toss out to about 100 feet - throwing a fastball - followed by a changeup - you’ll have to use the same arm speed and you’ll start to get more comfortable with the grip.