I need a 12-6 curve

can any one tell/show me how to throw a 12-6 curve
my curve keeps flattening out on me

The way your curveball breaks is usually relative to your arm slot. If you throw from a sidearm position chances are you won’t be throwing a 12-6 curveball but more of a slider.

Usually only overhead pitchers throw 12-6, anyone else usually throws a curveball somewhere between 12 and 3 oclock (assuming you’re a RHP.

i throw from a high 3/4 arm slot
i could probaly get close to 12-6 movement and thats all i want
(and Pedro Martinez throws a 12-6, so does volquez)

try getting on top of the curve and pulling it down/snapping it down. Chances are you might be throwing the curve across your body which will make it flatten out no matter what arm slot you got. I used to have this problem. However I’m falling in love with my slider because the curve is starting to become a pitch for me that is beginning not to work.

i want a curve like Josh Beckett or AJ Burnett(which are dueling today)
they both have a sharp 12-6 movement
i know beckett uses the one finger grip and burnett uses the knuckle curve grip
but with both i still have that slurvish movement

cuz you not getting on top of ball…i throw both 12-6 and 2-7…only difference is when i wana throw the 12-6 i make sure i create a straight up to down motion

throw an eephus, it looks like a 12-6 curve except its slower and has no late break. You could also change your arm slot to be overhand, but other than that you can’t get a 12-6 break.

be serious now

Heres how i was taught to throw the snapper like you see from beckett. Use your curveball grip, go through your motion like a fastball, and when your hand reaches the bill of your cap, supinate and snap down, pull the ball down, and you should get a hard late snapper.

I’ll try that