I miss my piggies!

Well, like I do every year I raised market hogs for the fair. I sold one yesterday at the show auction and the other to a pig breeder. They were taken away today and I miss them already.

These were good hogs this year.
My York-Hamp Barrow took 8th overall, he sold for $700.

My Duroc Gilt took 4th in her weight class she sold to the breeder for market price at about $200.

"They were taken away today and I miss them already. "

It ain’t been the same around old Breezy Holiday Farms here since my last goat “Bootsie” gnawed on the wrong thing and gakked off…looks like at least you made money :wink: , who knows your girl might not get ate for a while…when we sell geese we always wonder if they are going to be a pet or dinner…they are super watch animals but the phrase “quicker then poop through a goose” has a basis in fact, I assure you…anyone interested, I’ve not gone to the idea of actually paying someone to come get these reproducing, poop factories but if you make me wait much longer I will… :shock:

should have entered one more poll cat…“Seriously concerned about your mental health” :smiley:

I’ll see the gilt, the farmer that took her comes back for the breeding show and the Murdoch’s guy who bought my barrow took it home and is keeping it as a pet in his backyard.

Well that makes you a lucky kid!
I have a story about a couple my wife used yo know, they raised a hog…named him Rudy…Rudy didn’t meet with such a good ending :shock:
The husband ended up chasing Rudy through a neigborhood (Believe it or not the same one all the guys from Lynard Skynard lived/still live in) trying to assist Rudy to “hog heaven”…Rudy didn’t want to go, we decided not to eat the roast they tried to give us (comprised of Rudy) as it still had (Several) lead bullets in it :cry:

Yeah, this year my 2 piggies got lucky.

I’m the FFA President at my High School in Arkansas. So I know what you’re talking about. Don’t show any animals, though… I’m more into crops and forestry. Even a little into poultry too. I raise chickens and sell the eggs.