I might see some innings

Well I’m a sophmore and I made varsity this year. The turnout was pretty bad we didn’t have any seniors tryout. We will have a decent team though for our area we have 11 juniors and 2 sophmores. I go to a pretty small school. I made it for the field but where I come from if you have decent stuff you’ll pitch. Well I’ve been working in the offseason with the coach on the mound a bit in the gym throwing. I really worked on my forkball and I got the thing going pretty good, but I don’t have a lot of speed to start off with. I’ve been working pretty hard in the gym and I have my mechanics a lot better and I have some more speed but it will be tough.

I live in New York which means we still have snow on the gound so we’re in the gym. Today my coach set it up so that we could have pitchers off of the mound and live hitting in the cage. So I was summonded to throw 6 batters, more of just to get the hitters swings less of me to practice pitching. Well I did pretty good and had 2 strikeouts and maby a couple week ground outs. The first was a walk and one kid had a nice rip on me. I didn’t warm um too much which explains the walk. Well my forkball was really good and it dropped off a lot. I threw it 5 times 2 a ball, 1 of those was low and one was outside, the one wasn’t too low either. 1 was grounded off the plate for a foul ball or a groundout and 2 were swings and misses. I might have had 1 more swing and miss but I don’t remember.

My coach was really impressed with me and said that he wasn’t considering me a pitcher but I might see some innings. I said I need to work on some velocity. He said it should come with some longtoss once we get outside. We’re also going to SC for a week during spring break for a tournament. My control was pretty good and I hit my spots not too bad but I just have be careful if I leave one out.

So heres the deal, I workout early for 45 mins to an hour around there before school. I usually do just whatever footballs doing but I thought maby I should do some more baseball related stuff. I have TuffCuff and its sweet and has everything but sometimes I don’t know which is best for me which days and what. Its a great guide and its setup for all months but I’m not sure which I should do. I don’t need to condition like I’m pitching a lot becuase I’ll only pitch alittle bit. If someone could give me which parts of TuffCuff if they have it to use for strength and velocity that would be great or workouts in TuffCuff or even other workouts. I go 3 times a week early and can stay after before practice whenever I want.

I will give some stats for me. I’m 5’9" 156lbs. Some of my weights are for squating today I started with 115 10 times for a warmup then went to 135, then 145 then 195 for 10 each. 200 is about where I am for squating. For arms I do usually 45’s for Dumbell press while holding both in the air but 50 shouldn’t be too hard. I don’t really bench ever but if you want it I think my max is 135 :roll:. I really don’t think that reflects me because I can out dumbell press some kids that can crush me at the bench so I’m really not sure. Also my shchool gym has machinewise. 2 weight benches obviously. Leg extension, curl and press maby if thats what it’s called. Pull up and dip machine. The Lat machine that has the different attachments grips. We’re getting a jammer soon. Shoulder press. We also have sandbags and I don’t know where the med balls went to but I havent seen um lately. We also have some of those small bands that you use around your hands.

Thanks for any help.


Well, since you only have a couple weeks at this point, trying to increase your strength is not going to play a big role in increasing velocity. The gains you’ll be able to make will be minimal, and utilizing the strength increase for pitching specific will take a while. So while the benefits are low, there are problematic aspects here as well. If you try to go hard on strength work, the resulting soreness will make it difficult to work on sports specific things like pitching, hitting, etc.

So basically I would focus all your strength and conditioning on compound (multiple muscle groups) movements. Explosiveness is the key aspect here, and volume should be low. Dont use any weight that overtax your muscles (I’d stay below 75%). Since you guys have sandbags, I’d work on some sandbag shouldering (floor to shoulder), overhead throws (sandbad to chest, then throw overhead behind you). If you have a barbell, then powercleans would be good. For dumbbells, one arm snatches are good for explosion. Also if you have any sleds (football should have some) or parachutes for running, these are good for lower body power. Box jumps and broad jumps should be included as well.

Note that I mentioned quite a few options, but volume should remain low (under 15 total sets per session) so try to keep the intensity high. Reps should be around 6-8. You can break that down whichever way you feel comfortable, either 7-8 exercises with 2 sets per ex, or only 3-4 exercises with 5-4 sets per ex. Either way, 2 days a week should be enough to maintain your strength and power without causing any fatigue that will hurt your performance. Try to avoid working out the day before a game.

Well I may not pitch at all if I do it would only be a couple of innings and I understand I will probably not increase my velocity by then anyways. Also I will pitch this summer so increasing MPH for then would be a better goal. It’s not like I have a couple of weeks I have a good few months. I could care less about my velocity now for school ball becuase I will rarely throw. I just want to have something at least by the end of the season increase.

Thanks for the help.

[quote=“Bower”]Well I may not pitch at all if I do it would only be a couple of innings and I understand I will probably not increase my velocity by then anyways. Also I will pitch this summer so increasing MPH for then would be a better goal. It’s not like I have a couple of weeks I have a good few months. I could care less about my velocity now for school ball becuase I will rarely throw. I just want to have something at least by the end of the season increase.

Thanks for the help.[/quote]
Well, see the problem is the amount of fatigue and soreness that result from dedicated strength and power building training. Personally, I would hate to try and do anything in concert with that type of training. If you look at CF’s log from this past offseason, that is basically the kind of thing that I am referring to - adding lots of weight and volume to build max strength, as well as power training to increase the rate of force development. Following such a taxing schedule is difficult even in the offseason, so when you try to add baseball practices and games into the mix, it becomes nearly impossible. That is what I was trying to get at in the earlier post.

If you think you can handle the workload, then the best workout program out there is definitely DeFranco’s WSFSB part 3- http://www.elitefts.com/ws4sb/WS4SB.pdf
If you want to get bigger, stronger, and more powerful, then that is the road you want to follow. The most important thing is to keep a close eye on yourself to make sure you dont overtrain and take some days off when the need arises.

Point Taken thanks for the advice.

The football coach has workouts 3 days a week in the morning and that should be good for a weekly workout. We just got a football program so he’s training the football palyers now but I play soccer…?? and the football coach gaveup on recruitng me to play so I just workout whatever I want but I usually follow what football does. I’m going to work on some core exercises I think my core is a bit weak. I’m going to take a lot from TuffCuff and incorporate some other stuff I think I can get a decent plan going.

I’m looking into buying some whey protein to incorporate into my morning routine. KC if you know a lot about whey and you don’t mind answering a few questions I would like to ask you some I have a post on a fitness website but I have no replys.



Ask away. Between all of us we should be able to answer it for you.

Well heres the question I posted on another website.

[quote]I’m 15 and I workout 3 days a week in the moring before school. I was wondering what I could do about whey protein. I understand about the differneces with WPI and WPC, but I was wondering if I should consider doing this. It seems that it could be helpful for me. I was also wondering how much I should take a day supplimenting and when I should take it. I wakeup at 530 then start workingout at around 615 until about 7AM. Then I have studyhall at 9AM then lunch at 1030 is another time where I can eat so I don’t really know what I should be doing. Then I go to baseball at around 315 until 6ish.

Also how long should 5lbs. last me. I know this question can be very broad depending on how much protein per gram there is and how much I should be taking.

Also what should I mix with the protein shake. Its hard to have a big breakfast but should I eat breakfast before I workout then a whey shake after? Or should I eat an apple or orange in the morning then put some stuff in my shake and have that after I workout. How should I do that.

Thanks for any help.[/quote]

These articles are a good place to start for postworkout nutrition:

In essence, you are looking to intake fast absorbing protein and carbs right after the workout to speed up rebuilding and recovery. One way I have seen this done is by mixing whey and maltodextrin, but I just use whey and juice (either mixed or separately).

5:30 - eat something. Preferrably some carbs and protein for the workout.
7:15 - Shake
9 or 10:30 (not sure which one you can eat during) - small meal w/ protein source
Lunch - small meal
30 minutes before practice - eat something small and easily digestible, similar to the 5:30 meal.

The main thing is to try and eat at least every 3 hours. It doesnt have to be a giant meal, but it should have a protein source (size of your fist), some good carbs like veggies or fruits, and healthy fats.So if you divide your waking hours (16-15) by 3 hours, then you’d be eating 5 meals a day.

Let me know if need any clarification or if I missed something.

Nope and you solved my question perfectly. I’ll read up.
Thanks for the help