I might pitch left handed tomorrow

My team only has one average pitcher for tomorrow and my right arm is tired so I might be able to pitch LEFT HANDED which I did in practice today. Not vey accurate but I know I can get outs and thats all that matters.

I hope the coach will let me do it. OO AND THIS IS THE CHAMPIONSHIP LOL.

I can throw it right down the middle and have good movement and get ground balls all game if we need them but it’s all about the coach and his BIG decision to throw me in there.

That is so cool. I wish I could do that with my left. How much more speed with your right?

well idk now that i boosted my right arm up probley like 15 mph diff

Right around 75
Left around 60 but with lots of movement

if i worked left handed could throw harder

That’s cool. I can dribble a basketball with my left just as good as my right but that’s kind of easy.

i can type with my left hand slowly… :smiley:

YEah that is kind of easy.

If needed to left handed I could change speeds with fastball so that would be my change-up. Which the change-up is ok but not like my splitter right handed.

We had a two way player on my high school team. Played centerfield lefty and short stop righty…oh an he was a sophmore starting on a very good 3A school. So he is actually a very decent fielder both ways…but does not pitch…such a waste

I have played 1st base lefty a couple of times. I have pitched lefty in practice too. I can’t throw a lefy knuckler though, just fastball and change up.

There was actually a two way pitcher in college this past season. Ugh i wish i could remember his name/the college he went to. I do know it was division 1 though. From what i remember he threw 90’s right handed and mid 80’s left handed. (He was a side-armer left handed) He actually had a special glove made for him so that he could switch hands between batters depending what they batted (left handed or right handed) If you search youtube or google for switch-pitcher or two handed pitcher or something you can find a video. It was really cool i’ll go try to find it for you guys.

Ah beautiful i found it. His name is Pat Venditte and pitched for Creighton this spring.

Here is an article that talks about him and his style and shows his glove: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/06/sports/baseball/06pitcher.html?ei=5090&en=76546947bec6c57d&ex=1333512000&adxnnl=1&partner=rssuserland&emc=rss&pagewanted=all&adxnnlx=1186423337-XtG9RxTIWsS49ucTkTriaw

And here are two videos from youtube where you can see him talk and pitch both ways: http://youtube.com/watch?v=8U2xkHOTvvw and http://youtube.com/watch?v=MCvtH4xrB6U

I actually lied before. In the video he tells he throws upper 80’s righty and high 70’s, low 80’s lefty.

WOW! he was actually drafted by my new york yankees in the 45th round and 1345th overall. That’s incredible and congrats to the guy and hopefully he can develop into a great reliever for them :smiley: :smiley:

yea I think I saw that pitcher from chreighton (sp?) on espn a before, I was in aww when I saw it.

game got cancled will be tomorrow. On tuesday ok.

I saw him throw against Evansville and he is just dirty. Players were smiling after they would ground out or strikeout. Kinda like they had no idea what just happened.

Also I should include. He is a VERY solid defensive pitcher as well. He caught a comebacker from the right side I belive, and a grounder with the left.

He should be fun to watch as he works his way up.