I lost my Curveball!

Help me! I’m a senior in high school and my baseball team’s coaches have been constantly changing up my pitching delivery and arm angle. Something was changed up several times whether it was arm angle, release point, or the height of my leg. In the midst of it all, I lost my curveball. It’s almost like I forgot how to throw it! Can somebody help me get it back?

make sure whatever grip you use you grip the ball pretty firmly. The friction will get the spin you need to the get the bite and break on it. Try not to force it to break by twisting your hand under the ball, just let your fingers go down the side of the ball. That will give you a nice 12-6 or 2-8 break.

Why did they make you change things in the first place? i was in the same situation as you. my pitching coach would ALWAYS want me doing somthing different. but it wouldnt feel right. so just do whats comfortable FOR YOU! not anyone else. your throwing the ball not them. BUT if its a FACT that it’ll be better for your arm or what not. then i suggest listening to your coach. and about your curve ball. you didnt loss it. you just havnt thrown it the same way. just hold it in the same grip you’ve been doing and mess around at practice and to find it. you’ll be alright.

What you do is, kind of twist your wrist while you release it. That is how i release mine, and it brakes perfectly.

Twisting while you release the ball is a recipe for blowing out your elbow. The twist (i.e. supination) needs to be set before the arm starts forward.

Start back by throwing it straight over the top. You should be getting almost all overspin. When the ball starts droping again-then pick an arm slot and keep the same mechanics but realize the curve will be spinning on a different axis, and modify the release point.

Tell the coaches you have to stick with a certain arm slot, and see what they say. If they want to change it ask them why. Realize your motives and coaches motives may be different. If you are trying to compete at the next level you have to have you release point down. This a can not be doing your control much good on the Fastball or Change Up either, Ian.

forget it. i lost my curve too. now i throw a slider. it’s much easier to throw and much more consistent.

same thing actually
I use to have to throw my curve almost sidearm when I pitched over the top on everything else, but then I adopted a different grip where I threw it 3/4 arm angle and it was a big, slow, looping curve but now I went back to my old grip and throw it over the top and its more of a 2-8 slider

Keep your grip, and focus on some other factors, such as arm slot - are you in the same place, is your release natural to you, or are you forcing it. I always told my pitchers to finish with the arm inside the stride leg, not outside like on your fastball, and keep the arm shorter, some players have success finishing at the opposite hip.