I Lost My Curve

Lately, meaning last coupe of months, I have lost my curve ball. Completely! I have been working to fix my mechanics and the curve just doesn’t move anymore. I have tried every grip possible! So I think I need to just reteach it to myself.

Are there any drills I can do to teach myself the curve ball again and do it right? Any tips?

I haven’t had really but maybe and inch or two of break on my curve for the last two months now and that was my bread and butter pitch (although now that it isn’t working my fastball accuracy is going up.) But I’m coming up on my varsity year and I have to have a breaking ball so I really need help bad!

keep to one grip… grip doesnt do much about the curve

just pull it down.

maybe u dont do that much anymore?

its finesse pitch no ppower pitch :wink: just slowly make ur motion;)

Try this…fully supinate your arm/hand position while it is in the glove and rip away like a fastball.