I like to get in the batters head

like i said in the other topic, “is this weird” i said i like to pitch what its 3-0 well i like ot get in the batters head cause ill throw some high heat up and in and they’ll think im eventually hit em. but then when its time to pitch when its 3-0 i throw my curve and it will look like its gunna hit em but it will break right down the middle and the bater will be afraid and he’ll have already steped out of the batters box (right handed batters) but to left handed batters when im 3-0 after doing all that in stead ill throw my screw ball to leftys, ( im right handed pitcher )

The best way to get into a good batter’s head is not throw up and in BUT throw at there feet. If you can get there feet to move then you will get them to move different on the next pitch you throw.

ok thanks man

same here

Changing eye levels is just as important as changing speeds and throwing inside/outside. Throw one up and in then throw a strike at their knees, that’s a huge adjustment for the hitter.

You dont want to waste pitches though. you want to get the batter out in the least amount of pitches possiable. Also some that gets in a hitters head is when you get K after K after K after K. and they dont feel as confident and dont want to get up at the plate.

last week i was pitching and the kid completely leaned over the plate. so i threw directly at his head. he backed up a little. i then threw curve ball at his shoulder and he hit the deck. it was called a strike. haha.