I if ain't broken

We here it all the time but who knows what it means. Sure if someone is having success doing something different maybe best left alone. But, who makes the decision as to why change a mechanical characteristic, when should it be changed {LL, H.S. college. minors etc, and is there any evidence either way. We also know it is almost human nature for a coach/teacher to impart our knowledge to someone who has a new twist on success. Are we just dealing with a catchy phrase?

It’s not uncommon for coaches to implement changes just to have things done their way. Some coaches even go so far as to clone their pitchers. I think we all know these are highly questionable tactics.

On the other hand, success shouldn’t automatically make one imune from change. Success might be a symptom of the current level or environment. One’s current mechanics might not be the best for continued longer-term success. Furthermore, they may not be best for long-term health. In these cases, things should be fixed and probably the sooner, the better.

Finally, as pitchers age, their bodies change and, sometimes, mechanics need to be changed to adapt to these bodily changes.