I hope my new post isn't annyoning I actually need some help

I want to split but of course I can’t throw it fast enough. I have been try to throw it to my friends and they say the it spins like a curve and goes really slow. I was wondering if this pitch would be bad to substitute for my changeup.

Sure, the Rocket uses it …or used it for his off speed pitch…with great effect I’d add.

if it works

A long time ago my pitching coach told me that any one of my pitches could be turned into a nice changeup. If you can do that with the split-finger pitch (which, after all, is just a faster version of the forkball), by all means go ahead. :slight_smile:

if you cant throw it fast enought then dont
if you keep working on it it could be your change

No it would be good to substitute for your change - since it should be slower than your fastball and have late downward break. It will take sometime to develop it so don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work from day 1. I was reading something by Steve Hay the pitching coach at George Mason University and he said that for the off-speed pitches (changeups and splittys) he has his pitchers focus on the last 10% of their delivery. He wants them to “concentrate on the finish with these pitches and the arm and especially the wrist and fingers through delivery.”

if you want the ball to go faster just dont spread your fingers as far