I have questions?

Hey everyone, I have many questions, i’m not new to pitching but i’ve never been good, but i want to be, because i’m the only lefty on my team, and i think that if i work at it i can be. Any way, I got Steve’s TuffCuff book because well i need to bulk up. I am 5’6" 118 lbs and i’m 16/ Junior in high school. (I love the book btw it’s the best!). I throw low 60’s high 50’s and i’m 16! Ya i know…Sad! I’ve pitched in relief like 10 times this year out of like 20 some games, the only pitches i have is my slow fastball, a 2-seam that kind of breaks, a curveball which i have no clue how to throw, and a sinker that breaks pretty good. With all that in mind…on to my questions:

  1. How do i get more velocity!?

  2. How do i get my pitches to break more, none of them break well accept the sinker which barely breaks?

  3. What pitches should i use, i mean, what do u guys think is the best repretoire for me?

  4. (kind of off subject) Where can i get a cheap medicine ball for my TuffCuff work outs? That’s the only thing i need, besides the “The Stick” thing.

Well first, i think you should post some videos of your mechanics so we can take a look and see what we think that you should change and such…

Second, If you are only throwing that hard, you should probly use more breaking pitches…

But generally the way to get more velocity would be to keep with the lifting and other work out programs… Since you arent exactly on the tall side you will really have to work hard to compensate for that.