I have pain in my arm


Hello, i am just wondering if anyone can help my with my problem. I am 14 years old and I’m a catcher and a pitcher. Sometimes do both in the same game, and the has put a lot of strain on my arm. I have seen almost 4 doctors and they all said the same thing. You are fine there is some swelling but that is all. Now i know there has to be something else because i was put on rest for about 3 moths and still its hurts. When the pain comes it starts behind my elbow on the outer side and works its way down my hand to about the bone in the middle. It then goes tingly and numb and i can’t move it past a certain pint. If anyone has any ideas or experiences like this please let me know. Thank you.


Swelling indicates some sort of injury. Pain on the back of the elbow could indicate a growth plate injury. Numbness or tingling usually indicates a nerve issue.

You really need to see an orthopedist with experience in baseball injuries.

Oh, and pitching and catching in the same game is not recommended.


Thank you


Where do you live? I might be able to refer a good doctor who focuses on these types of problems. Feel free to PM me, if you prefer.


I live in Deptford New Jersey 08090



I sent you a PM


Im 15 and on the baseball team at my highschool and Im having a similar issue, before the season started I had a fresh arm and felt good , the next day when I tried to throw my arm began to throb and i couldn’t throw. I went to the trainer and he believes its just in the muscle and its due to the beginning of the new season and my arm is conditioning. I iced it every night and felt good the next day… but after warming up and stretching the same pain returned… I’ve never had trouble with my arm and have been pitching all my life, my dad thinks im overreacting and lying about my arm and im a “puss”, (he’s oldschool) , but I know this isn’t fake there are times were my arm feels absolutely dead ive iced and iced and continued to throw but no results its still hurting and i’m confused what to do but I dont want to ruin my possible future in Baseball.


You didnt say specifically where your arm hurts. If it hurts between joints the it might be just a muscle conditioning issue. But if it hurts in or around a joint then something else may be going on and you should get checked out by a doctor.