I have officially lost it

Well, lately, I’ve been throwing/pitching(to throw off a mound), but anyway, I just cant find that rythm I one had when I practiced on my pitching. Like, last year, I could hit my spots no problem and I was so in sync with my mechanics, that I didnt even worry about them. But now, I cant even find a windup, I cant get comfortable, I can feel my mechanics are more horrible than ever, and to top it all off, it hurts when I throw over the top. I’m just completely messed up and I’m more lost than ever. Any experts out there no what do in this situation?

For the shoulder stuff…is it after just one throw or after multiple throws? are you throwing too much?You should see a doctor. About your mechanics , i think you’re making pitching more complecated then it should be. I mean sure everyone desires perfect mechanics.But you gain those over time . You cant just find all these trips and try fixing all ur mechanics problems all at once. You might be over thinking.

How old are you? You could be going through a growth spurt.

In my experience shoulder pain is often related to taking the elbows above and behind the shoulers.

Do you have a video of yourself throwing?

i just turned 16 on june 13th; i think the reason my arm was hurting was because of either bad mechanics or fatigue.

Heh, it might be a growth spurt. If you watched me pitched a year ago, or 2 years ago, it’d be nothing like what I look like pitching now. When I got taller and broader, I needed to tweak mechanics to get my arm around with my body because I started getting behind on timing. Growing can be a pain in the a$$ when your just getting settled into your mechanics.