I have no clue why this is happening!

it seems like i pitch a lot better when my arm is tired than when my arm is fresh. for example, tuesday(the game in which i had a fresh arm) 3IP and 7ER not to mention i couldnt keep the ball down. wednesday(the game which my arm was tired) 3IP and 1R(it was unearned because our 3rd baseman missed a pop up with 2 outs in the 7th with a runner on 3rd and we were winning by one at that point) and i also kept the ball low and when i missed, i missed low unlike the night before when i was missing up. anyone know why this stuff was happening?? oh and the 2 teams i pitched against had very good offenses. the team we played wednesday had a better offense than the team we played tuesday.

You might be using too much arm in your normal delivery, whereas since your arm was tired it caused you to use more of your legs and core.

Also, it may have altered your release point or arm slot.

yea thats what i was thinking. my mom took pics from my game wednesday when my arm was tired. i wish she woulda taken pics at my game tuesday when my arm was fresh so that i could see what the difference was. it could also be that im killing my arm warming up cause i started on the mound tuesday.

How much rest did you have when your arm was fresh?

Sometimes this happens to me when I’m throwing with my brother from a mound. I’ll have a weeks break or so when i get busy and then go on the mound and everything feels wrong. It’s just because you aren’t used to pitching. But if you had like 3 days of rest that shouldn’t make sense. It might be mental also or an off day. I have a stiff neck that I’ve had for 2 weeks strait :shock: So when it gets better and i pitch I’m expecting a bad day.

i had a good bit of rest. the last game i pitched before my arm was fresh was 8 days before. and i only threw 2 innings. not to mention i was on vacation later that week. and the only throwing i did there was some long toss but i didnt have a mound to throw off of. so it was probly just that i wasn’t used to pitching.

Yea that’s probably what your problem was.