I have a question Mr. Ellis

Did you ever hear of or meet an ex pitcher Pat Strange? He was in the mets orginization, and I think even made it to the majors and then traded to the twins, and then retired w/ a shoulder injury. Right hander
Or, Dan O’Neil. Lefty who was drafted/or signed by the Tigers and then traded to the Red Sox and made it to AAA with the Red Sox before also hurting his arm?
Well, I’ve been helping my Mickey Mantle coach with his 4 day camp, and he brought in both of these guys today to help out the kids, and both of them had some really good pointers, and were real good with the kids. Mr. Strange also offers pitching clinics.
Just wondering if you knew either of them. Mr. O’Neil hasn’t been in the game for some time, but I know Mr. Strange pitched fairly recently, he is still quite young, and WOW, you really don’t realize how big these guys are until you actually see them.

Never heard of him myself.