I have a low elbow

at my release point my elbow is lower then my shoulder.

As you can tell its causes a lot of problems such as lowered velocity, accuracy and elbow pain.

Does anyone know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

Can you post video so we can see what else you’ve got going on?

A video would be helpful but the best way to fix any mechanical problem is by doing drills and not necessarily throwing a ball. Try facing a wall about 1.5 to 2 feet away from you. Spread your legs a little wider than shoulder width. In this position you want to keep your feet still and rotate at the hips as if you are throwing a ball. When you do this you will get immediate feedback from the wall. If you hit it with your arm your elbow is still too low, when you do get your elbow above your shoulder you should not have any problem continuing your motion without hitting the wall.

First post a video and let the experts here weight in – make sure what you think is the problem is really the problem.

I know Chris O’ Leary is a controversial figure, but: http://www.chrisoleary.com/projects/Baseball/Pitching/RethinkingPitching/Essays/Hyperabduction.html

Ideally, the elbow should be level with the shoulder, neither higher nor lower. You may want to experiment with different arm angles, different deliveries, and see what will enable you to keep your elbow at that level. A good pitching coach will probably be able to help you with this. 8)