I have a kid who's 12 and a pitcher

before I had a kid who was a thrower.

At 9 he was dangerous, at 10 very wild, at 11 wild/effectively wild. I’ve thought over the last year it’s about time to give this up. Given the way he hits pitching just wasn’t in his future. Started out sidearm, insisted to his pitching coach that he not try to change it (thanks letstalkpitching). He was OK with that and let line drills and work do it naturally.

So this year he was overhand enough to show a curve (all the work is done with the fingers). His pitches are two/four seem fb, curve, and change (which he throws as much or more often than the curve). He veries the speed of the fb and only goes 100% to give the batter something to think about. In 18 innings of travel ball pitching he’s had two runs scored on him. He’s averaging about 50-60 pitches every 5-6 innings.

I keep waiting for the wheels to come off. I know he will struggle, and that will be good for him down the road. But the kid has paid his dues, and it’s nice to see the work pay off.

Good deal!!!

Forget about the wheels coming off. This kid is improving by leaps and bounds, and he will turn out to be a very good pitcher. The fact that he resisted attempts to change his arm slot is a good sign—he knows what works for him, and he stays with it, and he works on what needs to be worked on, and he keeps throwing strikes, and—well, just watch him grow and develop and rejoice in it! 8)

Good job. Keep us informed how he progresses.