I hate my legs!

yea so yesterday i was walking really fast and i was tring to fight the pain in my legs. I actually did but now my quads are tight and bottom part of the shin ( close to your ankle) is killing me. can anyone tell me why? trainer dave? mr. ellis? thanks

The pain in your quads sounds like Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). Basically, after you workout you develop soreness in your muscles. Stretching before and after exercise will help ease the soreness.

The pain in your ankle is probibley from: 1. using the muscles in a way you have not used them before. 2. Walking on a hard surface. 3. Not having a shoe with good arch support.

ok thank you. wait a minute i think i said quad. i meant to say hamstrings. sorry. yea my hamstrings been really tight since monday and i can barly walk. what should i do because baseball pratice starts in 2 weeks and i cant be starting the season off injured. please help thank you

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