I got cut from my high school baseball program


I had tryouts last week and I got cut. I am really sad and pissed. Last year, I got an injury when playing basketball and was out for a few weeks so I couldn’t make it in time to try out for freshman. I thought I had a chance to make it this year, but it didn’t work out and tryouts aren’t really fair. The coaches mostly favored all the players who made it last year and all those players made it this year. I did pretty decent at 2nd base (made a few errors but adjustments later). I did good hitting off the tee, soft toss, and struggled when I did live hitting because I went up against fast pitchers but I managed to make contact. The coaches didn’t let me pitch at all during live pitching and scrimmages which made me mad so I only showed them what I can do as a 2nd baseman and hitter. Most of the kids who made it have parents who are good friends with the coaches. This has never happened to me before and I am now really depressed and don’t know what to do. Should I continue playing?


Of course you should continue playing and improving bro. There’s always bumps in the road. Use this as motivation.


I don’t know any teams I can still play for this spring. All the teams around my area are 14u and I’m 15.


same here man. only spring teams here are 15 and under and i didn’t make hs team. Try out for a summer team. do they have an american legion team in your area? A positive I took away from not making hs team was i’m going to use this time to work hard and train for my summer team.


My school actually has two summer teams but I can’t join if I haven’t made the spring team and I found some American Legion teams in my area but there isn’t any current information about tryouts.


Most towns have Babe Ruth, Junior American Legion, or some equivalent.

I would first try to set a time to speak with the coach and get some idea what you need to work on and some quick pointers from the coach on what he’d like to see during next year’s tryout to give you the best chance to make the team. He will respect your passion, determination, and eagerness to improve.

If your arm is strong, mention the pitching, and he may grant you a tryout for that, but if you are not a top arm, he’s not going to bring you on and take up a roster spot with a pitcher-only player.

If you get some information about why he cut you, I’m sure we can point you in the right direction on where to go for some good information. You will have to put in a lot of work, but if you really want to play, it’s the only way to go.

There was a kid on my Varsity team who was an equipment manager as a Frosh and Sophomore. He made the team as a Junior and became a starter at 2B and team Captain his Senior Year.


You can either get better or worse from this. Your choice, if you are that upset about it to post something like this you should already know which one it should be. Why not become so good that it is impossible to cut you.


Are you more of a pitcher or a batter?
If a batter then reinvent yourself, focus work hard to drive the ball harder and further do drills when you can play with friends, and try to find a way to play some ball, even if it’s just helping the coaches.
If pitcher then mention that like @CoachPaul said.
Also try to learn more about the coaching staff.
It is possible to work back from this, think of the Jose Altuve story.
There was a camp in Venezuela that was open invite for the Astros, on the first day he was sent home because they discounted his 5’5" frame. But he came back anyways the second day, because he knew the guy running the tryout was different, he got the contract and all he has done since is go from the minors to an all-star.
Point of the story is, know what is going on with coaches etc and also don’t give up, don’t stop working.


Don’t use politics as an exuse!!! As said in other post its up to you now!!! Somewhere in your town there is a baseball facilitie, USE IT! Sometimes the owners of these facilities hear of teams looking for players. Most of the time travel teams start post on websites looking for players this time of year or fall when they start losing kids to football. The teams might be an hour or so away, but how bad do you want to play.


I’m not using it as an excuse. The coaches did favor other players but I understand why I got cut because of my errors and my lack of hitting contact and power. I will keep working harder for my next opportunity to play. Thanks for the advice everyone!


Of course you should still play. Use this as motivation train hard and come back better than ever.


Some kids just develop much later. If you love the game and are willing to work at it, then stick with it and you’ll create the opportunity to plan a long time. We all have to create our own opportunities – in baseball, and in life. So get after it.


Check out your local Little League BIGS program. LL runs up to age 18


Sorry to hear that buddy. I hope this helps:

I’m a high school baseball umpire. I LOVE BASEBALL. I’ll do ANY game just to be out there. It makes me happy and I’m good at it. I have two boys (10 and 12). They may be great baseball players someday, they may not. But I tell them the same thing. Do what you LOVE.

My advise if you’re looking for some? Find something if you can. There’s got to be baseball out there somewhere. Even weekly lessons or something. If not, I highly highly recommend finding a good strength and agility training place. One that focuses on ‘body weight/core only’. I found one for my boys and they absolutely LOVE it and they are improving so fast to the point where they are stronger and faster than kids 4,5, and 6 times their age. And THEY LOVE IT, and it’s safe, and they just look happier since they’ve been going there. I guarantee you will become stronger and more confident in yourself, and ‘feel’ in a better place.

Be mentally AND physically strong. DON’T give up. Don’t be pissed. Set a new goal. Achieve it. Set another one. Achieve that one. YOU WILL become what you have strived to become at that point. Best wishes.