I got a question i need answered

Alright so my cousin is a starting pitcher at VMI #7 Chris Henderson. and his dad my uncle talked to some alums. and they said they were interested in me and wanted to send me insight about the schools programs and athletics. i was just wondering if this means anything or just ya they want to send you some insight and who cares.

all the comments i can get would be great!

First off, how old are you? That answer will dictate our responses depending on how far into the recruiting process you should be.

Literature does not mean much. I actually wrote an article for Steven that relates to this: http://www.stevenellis.com/steven_ellis_the_complete/2009/02/guest-post-comm.html

Once they start coming to your games and asking you to come down for visits, then that means they are interested. I cannot even begin to tell you how many pamphlets I received from schools that were “interested” in me. Keep in contact with them, and soon enough you will know if they are truly interested.