I found a pitcher workout - Need explanations

Hello all…

I found this workout when I was googling for stuff…


I was looking for something like this but most of it is in shorthand and lots of abbreviations and I don’t understand a lot of it.

What do these mean?..

WT (1/2 WT in each arm)

45 6 (see overhead squat)

All the percents (55% x 5 etc)

4x5, 2x9, 10x6 etc (I’m guessing sets x reps?)

All pressing only to 90 degrees

Thanks for any help…

some i can help with others are??


50% <-- This is the percentage of you 1 Rep Max (1RM) weight that they want you to lift

Sets x Reps - is usually the way they are set out

All pressing only to 90 degrees - When doing leg press or any sort of press they dont want the angle at the knee when it bends to go lower than 90degrees

hope that helps!